Don't search, just find!

Avoid all of the problems & pitfalls commonly faced by foreign buyers and make your property purchase in Dordogne hassle-free.

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Property search


Personalised shortlist

Property surveys

Viewings organised

Legal support

Buy cheaper. Skip agency fees

Sign buyer friendly legal documents


Avoid language barrier

Post deed of sale support

Property maintenance


Rentals management

Utilities setup

We offer a complete and tailored support to foreign buyers.

From start to finish.

You save time, get more choice, buy at a better price & protect your legal interests.

Part 1: the property search

Online is not suitable to find the right property



Online mainly displays leftovers local don’t want to buy because the properties are overpriced of defective.



Baits (an amazing property which is not for sale & displayed at low price ) are used by agents to catch you and then offering you different properties from their portfolios.


No access to local offers

Most of the good properties never land online as they get sold before online advertising.




Very often, the gap between the ad & the reality is very huge as agents airbrused pictures to push people to make a viewing on the property.


No information

Ads don’t display much information about the property so it’s difficult for you to know whether the property could be suitable or not.


Waste of time

All of this results in a waste of time and can be mentally draining.


A first complete local search + an ongoing market check. That’s how we do!

To gather every single suitable property which has been marketed so far and keep an eye on the market to show you any suitable property coming up in case your first visit trip was not successful.


1- Requirements

We go through your requirements to make a complete brief of what you’re looking for.

2- Pre-shortlist

We show you a first selection of properties in order to narrow down your preferences (types of exterior, interior style, etc).


3- Local search

We search locally to gather all the matching properties which have been marketed so far.



4- Shortlist

Review the properties selected for you & pick the ones you like the most.

5- Your viewings organised

We take all the necessary appointments with sellers and organise your viewings to visit the properties you have selected.



6- Ongoing market checks

We keep an eye on the market and present you any new suitable property coming up on the market so you can be the first to explore it!


Having someone by your side also means making a safer purchase being aware about everything that must be considered!

As we make:

In-depth financial analysis

Every suitable offer is compared with similar offers on the market to be sure you’re not buying an overpriced property and that you won’t lose any money with a potential sale in the future.


Property surveys checks & reports

Technical documents drafted in French and stating about the property condition (asbestos, termites, lead, energy performance, dry rot, etc) which highlight any property flaw not visible by eyes.


Urban planning checks & reports

To be sure that not unexpected event nearby will prevent you from fully enjoying your property (constructions, new roads, etc).


Thanks to our knowledge, you will also buy the property you want at a better price.

Here are our last projects led and the deals we have negotiated on behalf on our buyers.

Initial seller’s asking price: 475,000 €

Thanks to our negotiation: 436,000 €

Difference: 8%

Initial seller’s asking price: 290,000 €

Thanks to our negotiation: 250,000 €

Difference: 14%

Initial seller’s asking price: 720,000 €

Thanks to our negotiation: 675,000 €

Difference: 6%

Initial seller’s asking price: 380,000 €

Thanks to our negotiation: 356,000 €

Difference: 6%

Initial seller’s asking price: 410,000 €

Thanks to our negotiation: 388,000 €

Difference: 8%

Initial seller’s asking price: 689,000 €

Thanks to our negotiation: 620,000 €

Difference: 10%

Don’t search, just find!

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Part 2: the legal side of your purchase

As estate agents work for sellers, letting them leading the legal side is not ideal for you.

Their duty is to satisfy the seller & sell the property as quickly as possible in order to get their commission that they make you pay!


Property flaws highlighted in the surveys

They on purpose don’t review the surveys with you as this could prevent the sale so they don’t get paid.


Insert unfavourable clauses in the sales contract

They insert clauses only protecting the seller (their client) in the sales contract and don’t care about your legal interests.


No advice about your rights as a buyer

They don’t inform you about your commitments and rights of withdrawal at each stage of the process in order to be the most straightforward possible.


With us, you take the lead on the legal side of your project and submit your conditions to the seller.

As a foreign buyer, you no longer have to accept unfavourable conditions & you get knowledge and expertise on your side.



By letting us leading the negotiation on your behalf, you will pay a lower price than the seller’s initial asking price.


Offer to buy

We help you to draft a legal written offer to buy (both in French & English) and submit it to the seller.


Purchase structure

We advise you on the best purchase structure depending on your situation and what you plan to do with the property (personal use only or seasonal rentals). 



Sales contract

We take the lead on the creation of the sales contract in order to make it buyer firendly and protect your legal interests as a non-resident.

Notary choice

You have the right to choose a Notary who will act on your side. We introduce you to an English speaking Notary who will represent you.

Signing of the deed of sale

We arrange the signing of the deed of sale to collect the keys of your new property.


Part 3: once you’re the property owner

Because, unlike estate agents, we don’t disappear once you collect the keys of your new property!

We go to the last mile and offer an additional range of services to make everything easier for you:

Utilities contracts

We setup the utilities contracts for you to make your property running so you don’t have to struggle to deal with French suppliers.

Property insurance

We present you different offers and help you setup a property insurance (mandatory in France).



We explain you what taxes in France you’re liable for and how to pay them.


Marketing your property

If you want to make seaonal rentals, we market your property on the best places to find suitable tenants.


Check-ins & check-out

We take everything in charge and you just have to collect the money made by your seasonal rentals.

Property management

This includes garden/swimming-pool maintenance and helping you finding suitable quotes from local companies should you want to make renovations in your property.


100% of the buyers collaborating with us have found their ideal property in Dordogne!

Whether on their first viewings and thanks to our ongoing market checks. They also made all other aspects of their project hassle-free.

Dordogne Property Connection are really knowledgeable about the local property market and extremely efficient.

Not only do they take the stress out of property hunting but visiting the houses selected for us was really enjoyable. The support throughout the buying process was also priceless and enabled us to have a full understanding of all French legal documents before signing.

Elizabeth & John, UK

We were particularly impressed with the wide range of great properties Dordogne Property Connection found for us.

This was exactly what we wanted; the possibility to see nice properties put on sale locally which were not advertised online.

As we were a bit worried about buying a property abroad, their legal support was also very important to us. This was really reassuring especially when signing legal documents drafted in French.

Stefan & Anneke, Netherlands

Don’t search, just find!

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