Price assessment for a property for sale in Dordogne

Are you surprised by the price of a property for sale in Dordogne you have visited visit? Does it seem too high or too low and you are afraid of a bad surprise?

We give you four tips to make an offer at the right price.

List all the features of the property for sale in Dordogne to get a first price assessment

The first step is to draw up a complete list of the features of the property for sale (year of construction, surface area, number of rooms and windows, distribution, presence of a cellar or a parking lot…).

Most of the information can be gathered with the naked eye, but you should not hesitate to rely on property surveys, such as the energy performance diagnosis (DPE).

This first basis will allow you to compare it to other properties with equivalent criteria, and to analyze what could objectively impact its value.

Take a tour of the neighborhood

Knowing the property by heart is essential, but you must not forget the number one rule in real estate: the location is decisive.

It is mainly its present (and future) attractiveness that will impact the price of a property in Dordogne. To get a better idea of its value, take a look around the neighborhood and identify all the infrastructures and services nearby (shops, transportation, activities to do).

Also look for possible nuisances in the area, such as nearby highways, busy streets, railroads, etc. These sources of noise may already exist in Dordogne. To find out what is going on in the neighborhood, take a look at the Local Urban Plan (PLU), which can be consulted at the local Town Hall in Dordogne.

Assess how overpriced the property for in Dordogne could be

You now have a complete list of the characteristics of the property for sale and its immediate environment. These elements must be put into perspective to understand their impact on the price. While some of them can make it go up (we speak then of “overprice”), others on the contrary will make it go down (“underprice”). And be careful not to be blinded by your own tastes, you may be in for a surprise! What you might consider a weak point is not necessarily so. The opposite is also true.

Among the elements that can affect the price, we can mention in particular the orientation (the ideal being south, southwest, whereas a north-facing orientation will lower the price of a Dordogne property), the quality of the view or even possible noise pollution.

The need to undertake work is also a factor in the discount, whether it be to correct an obsolete layout or to improve the energy performance of the house. Note also that each additional square meter that can be used for storage, parking or pleasure (terrace, balcony, parking lot, cellar, garage, etc.), is a value-added asset.

Compare it to other similar properties price in the area

Several tools can help you in your comparison exercise, starting with online real estate estimation platforms.

The Notaires de France website is also a valuable asset: it allows you to find out the prices per square meter in a given area in Dordogne over the period of your choice and according to several criteria.

One last solution for the road: the “Demandes de valeurs foncières (DVF) database, which lists real estate sales over the last five years. You have the choice!

The main criteria that influence the price of property in Dordogne are its location, its surface, its features, its general condition and its orientation. The more you have a global vision of its characteristics and its environment, the more you can have an idea of its fair value.

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